Cannon 2/16 & 2/17/14

Sunday 2/16: Got home from HI late on 2/15 and didn't have it in me to get up early on Sunday. Plus had to shovel out of one house and into the other. With all that it was 1pm before we got to Cannon. With me was: L-, our two nephews, and met up with Prophet0426. Lines were moderate for Cannon with ~5min wait.

We took one 'warm up' on Ravine which had some scrapies in the middle but was very plush on the sides. Then we hit up Vistaway which, as usual, had sweet soft windblown stashes all over. At the bottom of Vista we stopped to catch our breath and happened to be staring into the entrance of Kinsman. L- and the kids had never done it before and it was on their lists to check off this year. With conditions as they were there was no good reason not to tackle that 'to-do'. So in we all went. Things were niiiiiice in there. Soft, good coverage, and untouched in places. Just fantastic.

Prophet collapsing the lip....

With that mission accomplished we moved on to some more familiar terrain and found nice stashes on the front five until we wrapped up another beautiful day in the 603.

Monday 2/17: Went to bed with plans of catching the 8:15 Tram. I was woken in the early morning by the sound of rattling windows and creaking trees. The wind was screaming and it seemed like a bad idea to push it. So we reset the alarms for a little later. So we caught the 9:15 tram. Again I had L- and the 2 nephews. This time we met up with MadMadWorld. Things were a little firmer than the previous day but coverage was great and some softness was still to be found. And there was nobody there. We decide to cover some terrain. We didn't fill in much of the middle but we certainly went edge to edge....

Mittersill had some boney spots but it also had some nice stashes. The damage to our hardware was well worth it. We took a few laps there before the kids decided they wanted something easier. After some nourishment at the summit, thoughts of easier went out the window and we dove back into Kinsman. It was a little more chewed up than yesterday but it was still super fun. Big thanks to MadMadWorld for playing 'tailgunner' and keeping an eye on my nephews as we wound our way through some tight lines.


Back for more tomorrow......
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