Cannon 2/22/15

Well - what can I say! This was an epic day for NE. The base got 4-6 inches while the summit got 8-10. All light, non sticky snow yet a little dense which made it ski really well. Very little was groomed so powder bumps formed all over the place. It was also a very cool day because we (my wife, son and I) skied with a family friend (snowboarder but we do not hold it against him) as well as with my brother-in-law both very capable, made a long run from the summit to bottom of the front 5 with Puck it and JDMRoma!

We started by lapping the Summit Lift and skiing Upper Cannon, Upper Ravine and Cannonball. Upper cannon had great powder stashes on the outside of every turn which is where we skied while everyone else seemed to ski the corners tight. We preferred the powder. Upper Ravine was pretty good like Upper Cannon had powder stashes on the outside of each turn but that trail had too many people on it (seems to be a favorite for most). Cannonball was in pretty good shape but was a little wind blown or scrapped off in the middle but in decent shape on the sides. We then made our way to Eagle Cliff Lift and while riding up that, we noticed untracked powder in the terrain park so we skied down and hit it. We followed that up by heading back up Eagle Cliff and headed down Rocket which was in fantastic shape. I love to huck off the small headwall there. We then took two more runs on Pauli's Folly and Banshee where we found nearly untouched powder which skied perfectly. While on our way back we stopped at the Zoomer Bar for a beverage with Puck it, his family and friends and JDMRoma! Nice break while trying to cool down! The temp yesterday was perfect - in the 20's.

Before we headed in to the lodge for an adult beverage, we headed to the summit once again and decided to make a long run be fore lunch which was Vista Way (perfect pow bumps)->Dave's Detour->Easy Link->Middle Ravine (super fast)->Turnpike(nice ramp to the lodge).

After lunch we opted to head into the park with he boys for a run and then while heading to Peabody saw Puck it, JDMRoma and their group where we joined together for another long run Taft Slalom(great powder bumps)->Upper Ravine->Middle Ravine->Spookie->Extension->Gary's. This turned out to be another great run combo. The boys wanted to ski the park again and have me video the runs on Toss-up and Parkway.

We decided on a late snack and while we ordered food, the boys skied a couple more runs. When the boys came back in around 2:40, we were told that they were not allowed in becuase they live performances. My wife and I drew the line on this one. The place was fairly empty and there is no other place to have a sit down meal and a beer with out getting food from the caf. Bullshit - I declare. We spoke to the manager, and the hostess, and our waitress to get our point across. After some deliberations on their part - they came back and said they could stay. They also noted that that policy was primarily for Saturday and since it was Sunday it did not apply. Ok!

After eating, we considered heading home but since our family friend was here for the first time, we would ski to last chair. We headed up Peabody, then over to Summit Lift and skied down Upper Cannon which was still holding up well. We wanted to take one more run from the Summit but they shut down the lift so we headed down to the Eagle Cliff Chair and took the boys one last time through Toss-Up for one last vid. My son wanted to try Huckerbrook but we were too late!

We were talking about how interesting it has been being a Pass Holder there. I thought I would start getting bored after about half dozen times but every day we have skied Cannon differently with different experiences and thus far only had one icy day - a few cold ones but that was the case everywhere and we dressed for the occassion.

This was absolutely the best day of the season so far! I think I might have said that before.

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