Cannon 2/9

Well the conditions were pretty good today. Cannonball (profile) had the hell blown out of it. Huge mounds and there were nice bumps on it as well. Snow on the main mountain skied well all day. Yes vista Way was bony as was Taft.
My 12 year old son decided to bomb Avalanche today from the Banshee cutoff. While the top part was sketchy the bottom was actually pretty good but still to see him bomb it scared the hell out of me. We were stopped and he goes to me "I can do it" and just points um downhill.
The only glades we skied on the main mountain were the lake view glades. The coverage was okay with a rock or stump here or there.
Now for Mittersill - We went left to start and work our way back to the top of the old t-bar. Lots of rocks, ice, grass and dirt. You could ski around most of it but I got a few stone grinds. At the right turn on the way to the flats to the top of the old t-bar it was almost like large gravel. Made my way to under the lift and it skied better. Looking up it was bony at best. The bottom third was the best snow but it the flatter stuff as well. Next run was Barron's and our group got some more base damage. i had my rock skis in prep for this but they look no worse for the wear.
Made it back to the main mountain and made some great runs at the top on some of my favorite runs upper Cannon, Upper Ravine and Skylight.
Ahh than the bar for 2 switchbacks

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