Cannon 3-8 !!

Showed up early…as usual for me and started off on the top of the Cannonball with Upper Ravine,Skylight, Upper Cannon and my Fav…VistaWay ! They were all skiing really well although slightly firm first off in the am. I was lucky to run into Kleetus (Adam) on the Cannonball lift early off and we lapped the Runs off the top for another hour and headed over to the Front Five.The Front 5 was Awesome once it all softened up, no lines at the Zoomer all morning….way cool !

Think it was around 10:30 and we hooked up with Cannonball, his Wife and friend Matt.

Went back up to the top and hit all the Favs and added in Upper and Middle HardScrabble just to warm us up for Echo woods Glade……ya that was interesting……first time in there for me…sure its fun with lots of snow :)

Overall one of my Better days of the Season…..Had a Great time skiing with everyone on such a Beautiful day !

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