Cannon – 3/25/18

Had a good day at Cannon. I was there a couple weeks ago when they had some fresh powder, but today everything was quite firm and compacted. That made for some fast trails, but also wore me out early. By about 1:30 my legs were toast. All things considered, I like Cannon better on a powder day. :) It was only my second time at Cannon, and I think the trails there tend to be steeper than what I'm used to, so I didn't pace myself very well. Saw some people from the lift that could really carve at high speed.

They haven't had any deep freeze/thaw cycles yet, so there really wasn't much ice. A few areas were scraped off pretty good, but mostly the trails were hard packed powder that had been groomed flat. They did leave a few bumps along the edge of some trails and on the ungroomed trails.

There was a decent sized crowd in the morning, but not enough to create any big lines at the lifts. The tram looked to be running today, but I think it was the last day of the season for that.

Temps were upper 20's to low 30's, no wind, and mostly sunny. Snow didn't really soften up much while I was skiing, but might have later in the afternoon. Looks like things will be changing to warmer temps there in the coming week.

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