Cannon 3/26/16

I had pretty much accepted that my season was over. My motorcycle arrived out of storage yesterday. So unless the conditions are good I start to spend nice days on my bike. However, I was antsy after not getting to ski last weekend due to family stuff and it was not looking that warm at home for a ride so I decided to head up one last time to Cannon.

I was thinking about getting a Bold & Beautiful pass for next season. I was surprised that when I got there in person they were offering a free voucher with purchase. I had not seen that anywhere on the website for that particular pass. So that started the day off on the right track. I cashed in the voucher for today and headed out. It was high 20s to start and I only skied until a little after noon when it was still just low 30s.

In the morning it was sunny up top and no wind but cloudy at the bottom. Coverage was good but lots of ice and hard pack. I would describe it as "firm and fast". Maybe it softened up a lot after I left but at noon I was not finding spring snow conditions pretty much anywhere. I had fun anyway and the view was great. It was Bodefest today but the part of the mountain not involved were not empty but I never hit a line more than a few chairs. I tried to hit Mittersill in the morning but the lift was on hold. It did open around lunch I believe but I was heading home.

I try to time skiing and motorcycle season as closely together as possible on both ends. When I got home I even got a quick ride to start the riding season. First time I think I have done both activities in the same day.



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