Cannon 3/6/15

9 am - 3 pm zero degrees to start but 20s in afternoon, clear, sunny and blue skies

I really enjoy Cannon but today was only my second trip there this season. Great weather, blue skies and clear. Chilly to start but it warmed up to comfortable temps. No lines to speak of. Groomed terrain particularly off the summit was fantastic. The Front area was a bit firm and the bumps over there were also harder than I like so I spent most of the day on the summit trails. Profile was really enjoyable in the morning. For some reason it has never been a favorite of mine but i hit it several times today and it was probably my favorite run of the day.

I only did two glades, Banshee and Kinsman, and both were great. Coverage was good in Kinsman but today was my first experience in it so I might not be the best judge. I have only started to enjoy trees the last few seasons and I am glad that I got Kinsman in today.

Looking up from Peabody Quad
View from Summit
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