Cannon 4/6/13

In a nutshell: Very firm on the groomed trails, natural, ungroomed trails featured white concrete.

If your edges were not sharp and complemented by strong and confident carving the ice technique, you probably would not have had much fun at Cannon yesterday (Saturday 4/6/13).
Although my edging technique is not quite on par with the some of the racing types that I saw rip up the slopes after the Bodiefest races were done, I did manage to have fun. One had to be careful - it was easy to pick up speed quickly.
The grooming crews did manage to make a good number of trails quite manageable. Tramway and Upper Cannon were actualy a lot of fun for me and even Cannonball, which was quite firm skied well. Trails off Zoomer, less so.

The sun was out on the brilliant blue sky, but it was windy, especially up on top. It felt like full-on winter up there. At about 2:30 PM or so, the mountain got rather empty and it was easy to essentially have large streches of trails all to myself. There really is a special thrill to be able to just bomb down the full 2000 + veritcal is just a few short minutes.

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