Cannon (Mittersill mostly) 3/16/14

Date skied: Sunday 3/16/14
Ski Area: Cannon
Conditions: PP, broken up powder
Trip Report:

Long time lurker, infrequent poster. You guys always seem to beat me to the trip reports. I've been trying to contribute but many of you share my tastes in Northeast mountains and are faster at posting than I. Apologies if my pics don't post, I'm trying to get the hang of that part of posting. I know there has already been a Cannon thread but I wanted to do a more Mittersill focused post & I got some decent pics from that day.

For no good reason it had been about 6-8 yrs since I skied Cannon. I had wanted to get back for a while & I really wanted to see what Mittersill was like. Got there at about 9AM and the first thing you noticed was "holy sh!t it's cold!" But the sun was mostly out.

I was dragging a couple of 11 yr old boys with me so I was stuck in T-park hell for the first few runs. Managed to ski most of the trails up top; Cannonball, Tramway, etc. All good but the skiing was a little tricky as you'd go back & forth between blown in snow & icy patches, sometimes even from turn to turn. But no complaint overall.

Finally got over to Mittersill. Had to go by myself as the 11 yr olds wanted to lap the T-park. Mitersill was surprisingly empty. I later discovered why - the trail out was a mixture of stretches of wonderful bumps and brutal stretches of ice, rocks, & dirt. Some of the most challenging skiing I've done this year. The other runs (none are officially named) were great. Bump skiers paradise as they don't groom anything. I was surprised by all of the "rabbit holes" (small, narrow entrances into trails/glades) all over the area. As I was alone I couldn't be too adventurous so I mainly stuck to the "main" runs. All were great. The area skis a lot longer/bigger than you'd think looking at it on a trail map. May have been because I was sucking wind so badly from hitting those bumps. After a couple of runs I had to head back over to the main mountain. The middle section of the trail back was pretty tricky with conditions but you could survive it. I think that exit was what was keeping most people away.

Spent the rest of the day skiing the front face. Tramway to Avalanche was probably the ROTD. Great bumps with decent snow. Met a snowboarder on the way up the tram who had just skied DJ's Tramline, I think he was the only one who did that day. That guy had to have brass b@lls as some of the hucks, cliffs, & ice down that line were downright nasty. Props to him for going and getting it.

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