Cannon Mountain, 03-05-16

On interstate highways almost the entire way, it took me 1 hour and 21 minutes to drive the 97.4 miles from my home to the Cannon Mountain parking lot at the Peabody Base Lodge. This is an average speed of about 73 mph and is just one of the reasons I love Cannon so much. The temperature was 9 degrees, perfect blue sky and no wind for ski day nine. I purchased a walk up day ticket for $72. For the first time this year I took my 187 cm Blizzard Brahmas and it’s a perfect day for some fast skiing.

I was in line 10 minutes before the lift opened and did 3 runs off the high speed quad to warm up and get the feel for the long skis. The snow was just soft enough from the 5-7 inches of new snow on Wednesday to make it really good, easy to lay down tracks on the corduroy. I then headed over to Mittersill and Baron’s. I didn’t see anyone over there on the first ride up or the ski down. Baron’s was perfectly groomed and the sun was hitting the left side where there were only 2 sets of ski tracks. I did three runs on Barons and these were the best runs of the day.

I headed back over to the Cannon summit and found Profile to be almost as good as Baron’s. Vista had bumps and a mix of soft snow, hard pack and ice. I spent about an hour on the summit runs and then went to the front five. Conditions on the front five were not as good as the rest of the mountain and I only took three runs there. After a short break I went back and forth between the front side runs, the summit and Mittersill. This included the hike up the saddle where the views were great. There must have been at least 100 people throughout the day that did the hike as the temperature got warmer, the sun was shining and everyone was having a great day. Taft Slalom had nice soft snow and moguls on the extreme left side, but was icy in the middle. I never made it to Hardscrabble so I can’t comment on the conditions, but it did look like it had nice coverage on it.

Later in the day at Mittersill the surface on Baron’s held up reasonably well. Skyline and Ridge Run were icy, but when you reached the TBD trail it was real nice. On the Cannon side, there was a good line to the extreme right of Extension. Most of the main trails got skied off and were very fast and quite treacherous in places. Profile though held up ok, especially if you skied the extreme right next to the rope line where small moguls formed and the snow was fairly soft. I only made it till 2:30, my legs giving out as it got harder and harder to hold an edge. The only lift lines the entire day was at the Cannonball Quad and was only a few minutes. The slopes were never crowded and the deck outside the Peabody Lodge was very busy and sunny. I never took the tram as it was just too nice of day. For lunch I had chili and chips and two Czech Pils at the Cannonball Pub. I’m off to Stowe next weekend, I hope it’s just as good; if not better.