Cannon Mountain, 04-14-15

My first two work appointments took me to Franconia and Woodsville which meant a drive up and over Sugar Hill. From Sunset Hill Lane, next to the Sunset Hill Inn, is a lookout with one of the best roadside views in all of New England. Almost all of the Presidential, Franconia and Kinsman Ridges are in view from this spot and two photos are attached.

Proceeding to Cannon Mountain and arriving at 11 am I was able to ski for two hours. All of my runs were on the upper mountain where the snow was soft wherever there was a lot of skier traffic; it was about 2-3 inches of soft corn on top of a firm base.

Where there wasn't a lot of skier traffic, like skier's right on Cannonball or skier's left on Skylight, a smooth, solid and firm base was found. By 12 noon the bright sun light had turned these two lines into pure delight; about a 1/2 inch of soft and carveable corn on top of the firm base still feet deep. All of sudden, some clouds rolled in and almost instantly firmed up this corn which made it even better. It was hard to leave at 1pm but I had a work appointment in Concord.

I spoke with Patrol today on the lift and accordingly this Sunday will be it; they will not re-open next weekend. As noted in other posts, the past weekend was very busy at the mountain. Patrol told me they had 3,200 skier visits on Sunday, both pass holders and walk up sales which is terrific for the mountain. Coverage is still outstanding, hardly any bare spots and not even very many brown spots showing, especially on the upper mountain. Hardscabble though is starting to show some very big bare spots almost all the way across the last steep pitch. I didn't ski Mittersill but from the road Baron's looks like it will soon be in tough shape to ski. Patrol told me Kinsman Glade is still holding up well, but I didn't have time to ski it today. I didn't get a good look at DJ's Tramline-I don't even know if it was open today.
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