Cannon Mountain – 12/20

Date: 12/20 First time out since I torn my knee up last January

Mountain: Cannon Mountain Ski Resort

Conditions: Packed powder to ice. Quite the variety, depending on where. Moderate cover. Occasionally have to avoid bare spots, especially at the end of the day. Guns were blasting all day (though I'm not sure where, left of whats currently open when skiing down). It snowed most of the day which made visibility pretty awful at times (NOT COMPLAINING THOUGH! Keep it coming!) especially near the top.

Trip Report: I have only skied this mountain one other time, about 8 years ago so pardon my lack of trail descriptions. Summit lift/tram was not open. The best options was to do laps on ... peabody express (i think). With a couple options from the top (all blues), they all merged by about 75% of the way down.

The ice wasn't bad because most of it was soft. An edge could grab it enough to change direction. There was a decent amount of loose fluffy stuff (i hate to use the word powder, that sounds too good) and some good bumps were to be found and some were developing on the sides of the trails.

The small park near the bottom was open. They have a couple rails and a 5' kicker with a flattened out lip. I did a couple runs through there but gotta take it easy with my fragile body.

The draft beer selection was excellent and I hear the chilli was pretty awesome too.

Tuesday/Thursday tickets are 2 for $70. It was worth it.

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