Cannon Mountain-January 21, 2017

Cannon Mountain-January 21, 2017

There was an invisible mist all day long at Cannon that left tiny drops of water on my goggles every run. This didn’t keep me from skiing first tram to last chair on soft snow from edge to edge on every trail, even in the places that are almost always boilerplate. The snow surface was true ego snow, the ski edges and bases easily carving through the surface like a hot knife through butter.

I began my day from the summit skiing the old downhill course nonstop to the bottom, hitting the perfectly groomed portion of Avalanche with a big smile. Despite the invisible mist, visibility was still good and it was possible to let em rip. I was all over the mountain and every run could have been the run of the day. Favorite was the top to bottom combination of Taft Slalom to Upper Ravine to Short Fuse to Lower Hardscrabble to Turnpike and then back to the Peabody Express on the last part of Lower Ravine. This was so good I did it at least six times. I also skied the lower version of it from the Peabody Express another six times or more. From the very top it was a great combination of groomed snow, soft snow, some heavier snow, some moguls mixed in here and there and ungroomed natural type conditions in a few places. The edges of all these trails were a blast and the centers were smooth and soft. The transitions from Upper Ravine onto Short Fuse and from Lower Hardscrabble onto Turnpike was especially addicting. Short Fuse had a big whaleback partially groomed at the very top and was bumped up while the transition onto Turnpike had a snow surface that you dream about. I could have skied this combination all day long.

My other favorite was Avalanche that had big, soft and really round beautiful bumps like I have never seen before. I don’t think I ever had an easier time skiing moguls on that run. I went over to Mittersill and watched the first 15 girls racing the second run on Baron’s Run. The course looked great with the netting, gates and blue dye marking the turns. Skyline, Ridge Run and TBD were real nice, but not as good as the Cannon Side so I only did one run off the Mittersill double. I didn’t do any tree or glade skiing because I wasn’t sure where the coverage was good, but I heard from one guy that the trees were real nice with enough cover, but a little heavy to bring the tails around.

There were no lift lines, temps were in the mid 30’s and there was no wind. Despite the invisible mist all day long, my Gore-Tex outer layers stayed perfectly dry to the very end. For my last run I took the Zoomer Lift and did the traverse over to Jasper’s Hideaway. At the far top corner I lay down on the soft snow to rest and there was no one else around. I got up and skied down to the Tram House. The snow was perfect.

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