Cannon, Saturday 01-31-15

Cannon and Mittersill were quite spectacular after 12 inches of snow on Friday, although it was a challenge and sometimes the snow surface made for very difficult skiing. It was minus 15 at the summit with strong winds. A lot of the snow had drifted and was wind packed and in places the frozen base was exposed making for tricky, variable type conditions, especially down the middle of the slopes. In other places it was a pure delight, especially once the wind packed powder got tracked up a little, the blues and greens were really good. Profile was open under the guns with a strong uphill wind blowing the natural and man made snow right in your face making the run an adventure. From mid mountain down the sun was out and there wasn't nearly as much wind.

I made the first tracks tram at 8:15 and skied the old downhill course. When I got to the top of Paulies Extension I saw a 3 foot snow drift, I tried to blast through it but is was too wind packed, my skis came to an abrupt stop and I did a nice face plant in the drift. Skiing onto Avalanche was fantastic on the first run down after the face plant and it skied great the entire day-especially on the edges on either side. Runs like Red Ball, Turnpike, Time Zone and Gremlin were very nice because the snow was consistent, either tracked up real nice or that nice easy to ski partially packed powder.

On the Mittersill side it was like a different mountain, little or no wind, sunny and it seemed a lot warmer. The new snow wasn't too wind packed at all on the runs and there was a lot of powder to be found. I had never seen so many skiers over there, no lift line but there were skiers on almost every chair after about 10 am.

On the way home I listened to Pink Floyd, Dark Side of the Moon. Great après ski music. Heinekens and nachos for dinner in front of the fireplace........didn't have any Coronas or Dos Equis in the fridge.

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