Cannon~ Thursday 2/20

Left ri at about 6 this morning but with the traffic, we did not arrive at cannon until close to 10. I went with my dad and my friend. Our first two runs consisted of blue groomers underneath the high speed quad. It was completely bluebird out and the snow was awesome.
Next we hiked up to mittersill and spent an hour or two there. The snow was a little worn out and the path was a little beaten, but that was expected since it was nearly 11 when we got there. In some places there were absolutely awesome powder stashes that made you completely forget you were in nh. After lunch, we headed back out and hit up cannonball, and some other various blacks and blues. We also hit up the front five, which were sort of icy, except for the bumps.
Unfortunately I was not able to do kinsman and dj's as they were closed literally right before I planned to ski them. It was too bad, as I heard dj's was incredible today. Even still I found challenge in the echo woods glades and skied the moguls a few more times.
The weather was incredible. Even at the summit it was warm with little wind. The mountain was not to crowded, and I'm definitely looking forward to coming back.

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