Catamount 1/21/16 (snowmaking pipe broke)

Time Skied: 9:00-2:30
Conditions: hardpack… pretty gripable with some scratchiness later in the afternoon
Weather: 20s, sun, some wind

The other Cat in town! Things were fast and firm. I was one of 12 booting up in the lodge at 8:45. Second chair up means first tracks :-). They do a nice job with grooming and snowmaking, especially considering that there was no natural. A lot more edgable than I thought. Didn’t know Catamount’s snowmaking system was so impressive… guns blasting on Catamount, Sunrise, a new connector trail up top, and BOTH sides of Catapult. That’s a lot of fire power for a 1000′ bump… Burke and Magic are jealous :razz:. At 9:30 I was riding up the main quad, and saw a water geyser on glade. Not good. Heard it was a pipe that burst, must of been a high-pressure pipe too… water was being sprayed well above the tree tops (50′ to 70′ is my guess of its height. Luckily this didn’t affect much… the guns on a connector trail up top lost their water and were shooting nothing but air, but the rest of the mountain continued to spray out snow. Hopefully its nothing major.


Rest of the day was very nice. Catamount certainly is far from its peak season when thing’s are really nice. The mountain still skis great on artificial snow. Long runs with variety. Nice rollers on Ridge. Glade, Alleycat, and On Stage are more carvable than a Thanksgiving turkey!

With a little love from Ma Nature, and more $20 tickets (show your ski club card) I’ll be back for more! Spring bumps on Catapult, Glade, Lynx, and Off Stage are the best bumps between Mass and NY (see what I did there?)!

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