Crotched 12/13/14

Conditions: packed powder on top of frozen hardpack

My first day out on the year, too tired to go to where the goods are in northern NH or VT, so I just went to the Crotch and used my $35 mountain sports club ticket voucher (I will now have to buy more of those, good value). Slept in so I did not get there until 11am and skied until 4pm. Four main routes were open: galaxy to lower park, meteor, pluto's plunge, and milky way to supernova, with both sattelite summit and moonwalk open from the top of the rocket to access these routes. Considering the weather earlier in the week, crotched seemed to be in good shape. The summit area had some serious tree icing to show how much freezing rain the area must of had. The rocket broke down for about an hour around 1pm, but they quickly got the valley quad up and running (nice to see the lift crews hustle), and the double also ran all day.

Today ended up being good just to get my legs, feet, and rest of the body back into the groove of skiing again. I like to start my season off at small mountains like the crotch or wawa just to get up to speed again. The first 10 runs or so are always filled with lots of boot adjusting, and painful legs and feet on the lift rides. But by the end of the day after 20 runs I was feeling good, and had my boots tightened back to their normal position. Off to Stratton for two days next weekend.

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