Crotched 2/15/15

Amazing day at Crotched yesterday with Savemeasammy and Xwhaler. Sammy said it best in that if you didn't like thigh deep stashes with pow flying over your head, then yesterday was not the day for you.

The mountain reported 14" from the storm and it was every bit of that with drifting much deeper. Absolutely no one there which meant both being able to chew up massive vert in a hurry off the quad and score untracked lines until I left around 2. I bet there was plenty left this morning too.

We basically hammered all the various tree lines across the entire mountain. I've had a lot of great days this season at numerous mountains with far more compelling terrain, but yesterday at Crotched will be the one I likely dream about most on a 85 degree day this summer. Just an incredible day.

Some pics
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