Crotched 2/2

After having been away from my kids for 4 days at a convention this week, I arrived home this morning and asked them if they wanted to go skiing (took them about 0.2 seconds to say "yes" :) )

I decided to try a new area for all of us, Crotched, and I have to say that the 3 of us were quite impressed!

We arrived about 2, after having driven through light/moderate rain from basically Fitchburg on up to Crotched. Lucky for us, the light rain that was still falling when we arrived had stopped by the time we booted up in the lodge and headed out, and we didn't have a drop of rain all the way through when we quit about 4:30!

With one racer kid with me and the other a park rat, we spent the afternoon lapping some really nice, soft spring like snow all over the mountain, laying some arcs into the snow up top on UFO, Equinox, Meteor (once the college kids who were there racing on it today pulled the course and netting), Pluto's Plunge, Jupiter's Storm, and then link into one of the 4 lower mountain parks. We ended up getting 15 runs in in about 2:15, so needless to say we LOVED the rocket and it's 3.5 minute or so ride to the top for the 1000 feet of verts that Crotched has.

In a way, it kind of reminded me of a mini Sugarloaf in that it's steepest at the top and then after giving you a decent amount of steeper, continuous vertical it gradually flattens out down to the base. I felt to me that it skied bigger than it's 1000 vertical feet. The snow coverage was quite good (thank you SMI fan guns! :fangun: )

As my kids said to me as we were headed home "Dad, how come we haven't come here before, especially since we can ski here with our passes?" (Peak Nor'easter passes) - I didn't have a good answer for them! Won't be my last visit to Crotched for sure!

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