Crotched 3/17

Date: 3/17 (St Patty's Day)
Crotched Mtn

Quick solo day trip to Crotched today. My 1st time skiing CM...I took advantage of the $17 online tickets they were offering for St Patty's Day.
Had heard lots of good things abt CM so wanted to give it a try....1 hr exactly door to door so not bad for 1k' vert and a nice HSQ. Parking was easy....not right up front but a short walk when I pulled into the lot at 9.
Lodge is very utilitarion..warehouse looking structure from the outside but very functional inside with lots of cubbys for bags on the 1st floor.
Lapped the Rocket for just over 2 hrs....that lift is quick! You load it and all of a sudden your unloading again. You can really get a lot of vert logged in a short amt of time up there.
Sampled basically all trails...CM is 100% open but I did not venture into the glades as they appeared to be frozen solid. Surprisingly good base though all over the hill-----the investment Peaks puts into the snowmaking is quite evident.
Almost ski on with a couple runs having a 30 second wait or so.....they had a singles line going but it almost wasn't needed.
Quite a few ppl on the hill...they had pond skimming today so lots of spectators had grills/tailgating going at the base of the HSQ.
Nothing at CM is all that difficult but I do think their glades could be a lot of fun when the powder falls. CM is sort of a smaller version of Gunstock but I actually think I'd give CM the edge in therms of trail layout....there are lots of trail intersections at CM but not quite as many as G esp off Panorama.
Pats and Whaleback both have more/better steeper offerings for advanced skiiers but I can see why CM is getting lots of good publicity.
CM really shines for its blue groomed cruisers...theres good continuous pitch from T2B and you can really let the skis run. Took a couple runs down NCC-1701 which is their terrain park---I'm not really into parks but it was well set up, lot of cool features for the jibbers and seemed well maintained.

CM does a good job spreading the crowds out----I ended up taking the Valley quad 1 run since I was unable to get back to the quad with the pond being built. Not sure I see the value in that lift but the Double on the west side is a really nice area for ppl to learn the sport on gentle pitched runs away from the masses off the summitt.

Bottom line, I enjoyed it and glad I made the trip over for $17. If I was forced to ever pick a season pass among Pats, CM, Gunstock (all 1 hr from my house) I'd think long and hard abt CM over Gunstock. They seem like the run a good operation over there and it's nice they have the whole mtn lit for night skiing----could see this being a great option for those who live/work in Manchester.

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