Crotched 3/5/16

Crotched Mountain

Conditions: Dust on boiler plate and thin PP on lower angle terrain

Trip Report:

We decided to ski Crotched to support The Ride and Ski Card. Not a big deal since skiing was going to be free. However, we were not expecting what we got. I think using ice skates might have been a better choice. Considering the rain then the freeze, we knew there was a possibility but we also thought that Crotched would have done better tilling the base. Probably was so hard that they really could not. If you were willing to commit to the fall line and let it rip then things were OK but even then it got sketchy some times.

One of our sons brought his girlfriend along who technically is a beginner skier or slightly above. The first run down moonwalk was pretty icy at the intersection of Milky Way while they continued on Moonwalk we went down Milky Way which was a skating rink. We then steered down Velocity then worked our way back to Rocket Lift. Velocity was a little better but had icy patches that made you pay attention. Once on the lower section of Pluto's Plunge is was great. The tried Jupiter's Storm which started off fine but where the trail changes pitch it was also a mess. Once again if you commit to the fall line and break hard where it levels out a bit you were fine. My wife was not up for that and tried turning and slide on edge a lot. Nothing at Crotched intimidates my wife but in this case the ice was, not the terrain. We skied Galaxy to Boulder and that was on OK shape. Back to my son's girlfriend. While she was shaken up by her first run and sat it out a bit, she wanted to try it again. I suggested skiing off Valley Lift and West lift since the lower terrain was not as icy which worked out well for her, however, not what the rest of us were interested in but got us to lunch time.

After lunch, we decided to go different ways with my wife entertaining the newbie and I skied with the boys skiing on something a little more fun. Pluto's Plunge skied fairly well but was a bit of a mess below Milky Way intersection and progressively got better the further down we went. UFO to Equinox also have icy sections with conditions a bit better to the sides of the trails. And finally Satellite Summit was scrapped off right from the get go and where the trails intercept where people seemed to stop. The Telemark Nationals were taking place so that shut down Meteor and the way they had the course exiting it shut down CM Park as well. Around three, they opened up those areas, however, I was already helping with the Apres Party for The Ride and Ski Card. However, our kids said the conditions on Meteor were the best of all trails. My youngest called it saying that they probably gave the racers the best trail. He also got a little snobby by saying after run two that he liked Colorado skiing much better than New England. I wanted to smack him for talking like that - told him that he needed to consider the season we are having.

Overall it was OK but I think skiing on my season pass at Cannon would have been the better bet. I have to look at for the perspective of the money raised for CHaD.

No pics!

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