Crotched after Nemo…

The Crotch
29" of snow and 4-5' drifts

We had purchased tickets for the special "Snowed In" event but it got postponed due to power outage fears (given this and the roads in RI by mid-day it worked out well for us). Ended up being able to ski Saturday night from 3pm-3am, camp in the base lodge over night, and then ski from 9am-5pm for $69.

Left Providence shortly after Massachusetts lifted the travel ban (the roads were awesome, would have never guessed there was a storm, lots respect for the Mass. DOT workers). We stopped at the Red Arrow Diner in Milford on the way to the mountain for a "last meal" as the next 24 hours would consist of homemade sandwiches and "mountain food". Leave early and hit it if you're ever going that way, cool spot. We were skiing by 8pm and ended up living on UFO and Jupiter until about 1am with a few breaks to rest the legs. Jupiter looked like it had a few dozen Mini Coopers and VW Beatles buried under it and UFO was just amazing. Everyone was sticking to Pluto's and Meteor for some reason. They started grooming out the drifts and some trails at about 10pm but left those two trails alone along with the parks.

Camped out on some air mattresses overnight (brand new Coleman didn’t hold air out of the box, my hip and back felt wonderful the next day after 5 hours of tossing and turning). Woke up to freshly groomed trails except for Jupiter and Meteor, by 10am the mountain was a big powdery bump again and lift lines were the longest I’ve seen all year….about 3-5 minutes. By 11am the place was loaded with 7 year old Evil Knievel’s and out of control boarders so we went to the woods. Lots of fresh untouched snow to be found, good coverage, and lots of unmarked areas cleared out nicely. Called it a day after another dozen exhausting runs at 3pm.
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