Crotched-MLK Day

Skied Crotched this morning from about 9:30 to 1:15... The temperatures were pleasant in the low 20's and the sun was in and out of the clouds. Started off the day on the new Rocket HSQ from Ascutney... That thing flies! It's less than a 4 minute ride up... They had made snow on a couple of trails overnight, most notably Velocity and Pluto's Plunge, both of which skied great. In addition, the BC ski team was training on Meteor until about 10:30, but once they finished up there, that skied great. The new trail off the top, Jupiter's storm, was pretty icy. They seem to have changed the park setup this year, with both Galaxy and NCC-1701 having an assortment of jumps and rails as well as the park in front of the lodge serviced by the short chair. However, the old big park is gone and that trail is now a groomer with only a big aerials style jump with an airbag at the bottom. Overall, a very nice morning at Crotched, probably got in 23-25 runs, in large part aided by the new lift!

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