Crotched Monday 12/29

Had the day off scheduled long in advance and a CM voucher to burn so headed west....nice hour ride. Started the day pushing our son around on his lucky bum skis. Worked much better today compared to Saturday. No fighting with us getting his ski pants on and we got a solid 15 mins shuffling around on skis. A true success for a 23 month old!
Lapped the Rocket for a couple hrs before switching with my wife. Easy to get in a ton of vert at Crotched on that lift...didnt stop either!
Solid hardpack throughout...skiers left of Plutos Plunge was the best today. Mix of LSGR, death cookies, and bad ice it was not a day I would ask to repeat from a conditions standpoint. But it sure beat work and sun was shining.
Ran into frapcap towards the end of my session.....good of u to have the alpinezone stickers on display to help me out! Sorry i couldn't do more laps but wife was itching to get out.
Galaxy and Super Nova being pretty flat were easier to lay an edge into. Satellite Summit short mix of loose sugar snow and ice. No lines, decent lunch in the Onset Pub (kid friendly!) and a cheap MSC voucher made for a good day.
Real helpful ski tune tech who gave me a fresh edge/wax while I had lunch.
Fanguns all set up ready to pound away starting tonight. Crotched should be in much better shape by weeks end.
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