Crotched Mountain 02/03/13

Crotched Mountain 02/03/13

Started off by pre-ordering the afternoon ticket on line for $14.99. We knew were returning from Saddleback, Maine where we planned on skiing for about 1.5 hours before leaving. Then the tought came - the Super Bowl starts at 6:30, might as well ski in the afternoon in Southern NH. Two states, two mountains - 230 miles apart!

When we got there, we were eager to try the Rocket Quad. After experiencing slower chairs at Saddleback, we had a need for speed - lift speed that is. The reports talked about favorable conditions at Crotched even though it rained earlier in the week. We did take a single ride up the West Lift since our gear was on that side of the building. Our reason for being there was to try the Rocket, so we headed down Velocity and then Shooting Star and found the trails to be in pretty good shape. A couple icy spots, but nothing to fret over.

Once at the Rocket Quad, we noticed immediately that it was moving right along. We got on the lift and - WOW - it felt fast. In 4 minutes we were at the summit. I know the vertical is nothing to brag about - but with a lift ride that fast you can get a boat load of runs in.

Our first few runs off that chair were on Moon Walk over to Meteor and the Park trail (which was fun). The remaining runs were repeated speed runs down Pluto's Plunge from Retro and an unnamed trail to the right of the chairs ramp (which was icy but was the fastest way down. Pluto's Plunge was perfect. The snow was great and not skied/snowboarded off. I followed my son who just crouched on his board and flew! We had a blast repeatedly going down that trail - nobody was on it! The only tricky part was where Shooting Star merged in! For the amount of time we were there we felt like we had a great two hours - lots of skiing thanks to the Rocket!

Considering that this was a 2:30 - 5 lift ticket, the conditions were pretty good - were there icy spots absolutely. But that is normal for heavily travels trails - stay away from those and you are good!

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