Crotched Mtn Wed 3/11 trip report – sort of. . .

I’ve been watching the weather forecast and had Wednesday pegged as the day to cheese out of work early, grab the kids as soon as they get out of school, and take advantage of the warm weather and end of daylight savings time (daylight til 7PM – Yes!). Turns out my kids have an “early release” day on Wednesday from school so I can grab them at 1:30 & head up. The stars, moons, sun, & heavens are all aligning and we are pointed to one of our best weekday “quick trips” ever.

Crotched is our “go to” mountain for night skiing and quick trips. On top of that we skied there about 10 days ago and the woods were pretty good & we wanted to hit those again. We figured that with the spring conditions they should be really good now. We get there at 2:45. We ended up grabbing a couple of my of youngest son’s buddies too, so I’ve got three 12 yr old boys with me. It’s 60 degrees and sunny. Fantastic day. I opt to go “old school” and ditch the helmet, goggles, ski pants, etc. I’m skiing in a pair of blue jeans, a t-shit & a vest, and sunglasses w/ no hat. Almost felt like it was the '80s again.

The kids want to go straight to the terrain park, so I cut them loose on the 1st run and go ski Satellite to Meteor. It was fantastic, with 3-4 inches of corn snow & no ice anywhere. 1st run I am basically getting the feel for the snow. But I am already looking at the bumps on UFO and the trees and thinking how good they are going to be and mentally mapping out what runs and in what order I am going to hit. I’m riding up my 2nd chair and thinking about how long it’s been since I’ve been able to catch spring conditions like this and basking in the glory that I know the rest of my afternoon will bring.

Halfway up that 2nd chair my phone rings. It’s my son, they were taking their 2nd run. I pick up and he says that one of his friend fell in the terrain park and he’s hurt “pretty bad”. I tell him I’ll be right there, get of the lift, and straight line down to the bottom of the mountain. One of the boys hooked a ski while doing a rail, did a face plant onto the rail, and busted both of his top front teeth, one of them pretty badly. There was the usual additional stuff too – bleeding lips, a chin that looks like Mike Tyson just tried to knock him out, crying, etc.

We get him looked at by ski patrol. He’s gonna need some dental work, but otherwise OK. However, his day is done and he needs to be brought home to mom & dad so they can take him to a dentist or doctor, or both, ASAP.

So after taking what amounted to one “get the feel of the snow” run and another was a straight line to get to the bottom – I’ve got to pull the plug and abandon one of the nicest spring skiing days I’ve seen in years. As I was driving away I was looking at the mountain in my rearview mirror and seeing it shining white in the sun. I almost cried.

The boy is fine. His teeth are already fixed (gotta love modern medical technology). I had one picture that I took on my 1st lift up. But it’s too depressing to post.

Sometime the bar bites you. . .

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