Dr. Elk Mon. Feb. 4,2014

One year in to the future, LOL.
So woke after skiing at Platty on Sunday, just something told me to the doctors, I text supervisor at work I'm not feeling well. So I head to Elk for 1230 to 430 ticket,.but leave early, I can play in the casino.
Drove to Pocono Down but couldn't find it. Ate breakfast at Perkins.
Love it there. Drove to Elk and got to park up the hill know shuttle bus today, very nice parking space. Got down stairs and changed in the locker room. No people in the lodge, and no lines all day . Skiing was very packed powder,.and ice spots here and their. Fast day, grooming could be found through out the day. Made several quick runs, stopped skiing around 3, I was great to see the Dr and hopefully next time I see the Dr. I will be given a awesome prescriptions for POWDER ,snow, and snow.:thumbup:

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