Elk 2/10/2013

Sunny skies, no wind, good crowd. Groomed trails were immaculate. Ungroomed was a mixed bag, but mostly good if you picked your spots. Tunk headwall was a solid sheet on skiers right, tecumseh showed a lot of ice on the mogul backsides on steeper pitches, but that was it. Mohawk was great and they opened upper seneca under a thin cover sign later in the day so I went for it--lots of powder, scraped bottom on a couple turns, but worth it. On the way up, the guy in front of me spun out going up a hill, 180'ed off the road. He was in a four-runner and had it in 2-wheel (rear wheel), hit a spot where snow drifted over the road going up hill. His back wheels lost traction and he made the mistake of accelerating. Ullr must have been smiling on him because no one was coming the opposite direction and he missed trees and utility poles and spun into someone's driveway, untouched. I stopped to make sure he was OK and he pulled out behind me, and we went cautiously the rest of the way.

Top of Tecumseh:

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