Elk Dec 30 Sunday

Was originally planning on going to Platty today, hope to hear some great reports from their. Again my body decided for me that I would only be doing half day at Elk.:) Tried sleeping with help of lots of wine but no luck. Finally fell a sleep from 5am to 8. So I knew I head to PA got their at about 12 in 1.5 hours from my place( I like this). Easy drive all highway except for MTN road. 45$ for 4 hours awesome. Lots of nice crusing blue runs kind of like Mtsnow but not as big. Snow all day crowds bad but doable. No single line maybe 15 minutes line but conditions were packed powder so it was worth the wait. Didn't like the shuttle to get lift tickets, now I now for next time. Only 2 time in PA in last few years I'm sure I will go back. Close to home, I also like going through Scott PA. :):thumbup:

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