Elk Mountain 12/13/14 Bear Hold?

Elk mountain Pa. 8:30 AM
32f light freezing fog turned to ice needle snow, top half on mountain riming and 200ft visibilty up top
2 min lift line!

Deleware trail on Hold due to a "Bear sighting" I went over in that direction but saw a sign "Bear Left"
so I went right , Sussquehanna,Tioga , very nice powder cord, early dip into the side had a light crust. Nicest snow was under the Quad/Double . The double was opened after lunch and a few more trails on skiers left were opened up , except for a few Bocci balls in one spot it was Mid winter awsome .

No lift lines to speak of 2 min!

A lot of Tele skiers today and all of them good ! Two really stood out ,guy with Orange pants and his buddy, Never seen a Tele guy catch air ...Wow ! They made little bumps look like a mogulfield . You guys ripped!

Left at 2:30 tired and 20 runs

Oh Yeah NOOOO Lift lines!!!

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