Elk Mountain PA 12/18

drove up from south Jersey with a work/ski buddy...arrived early enough for almost 1st chair...conditions were in mid winter form...edge to edge coverage on all trails..no ice, thin cover or sketchy surfaces anywhere to be found..ski on all day long, never saw more than a handful of people on any trail we hit, and we pretty much skied every trail that was open..we stayed off Tunkahonack as neither of us are bumpers, the bumps are still small to medium and mostly appeared soft with the hard stuff covered over....they had groomers out all day, prepping the closed trails for openings on Thursday(I guess) actually caught a couple runs on Tecumseh after 1 PM on fresh groomed surface, Elk is a hidden gem, an extra hour drive for us Pineland skiers, but worth it...anyone know if the "wild wednesdays" deal is still available..a coupon from coors lite got you a sweet deal on a ticket a couple years ago...hope the lower elevation hills make it thru this weekend, it would be a shame to lose all that early season snow

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