For your entertainment…Powder day at Yawgoo!!!

First time at Yawgoo in about a decade and it's still as flat as Taylor Swift but a good time after 4-6" of snow (So much for that 10-14" as most predicted yesterday). Had a great time, the GF couldn't get out of her internship at the hospital so I went with my sister. A good time and much better than working. Ski Patrol was great, as we were looking down a roped off trail (there more advanced "TNT") one skied by and said "Go for it! Let me know how it is!". Ended up ducking ropes and finding short little chutes through the trees in a few spots. We got about a dozen runs in (hour and a half) and left when all of RI's snow day population arrived. Went from 2 chair wait to about 20 chairs in 5 minutes. Still a great place to learn how to ski.

Beginner area: Complete with a shoulder dislocating rope tow and ledge at the top you can jump off and see how many pins you can knock down.
Rope Tow.jpg

The sister enjoying a snow day.
The sister.jpg

The 100' long, unmarked, untracked Liftline
yawgoo line.jpg


Looking down Yawgoo's most difficult run...TNT after the boarders had their way with it. I think I'm now prepared for The Church at Sugarbush.

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