Front Row seat at Sunday River, 2012-11-29

Started off at first chair, about the only line I'd see at the lift the whole day, and seldom a full chair after that. Did my requisite laps on Right stuff (did I mention I love this trail?). I did see why I wiped out yesterday there. There is a growing brown spot of ice, from water coming out of the ledge there. Easy enough to see and avoid now that it's brown.

Then I took a run down Ecstacy and Sunday Punch. All to my self as everyone on the lift was headed to Right stuff. There was a caution sign near the Locke triple mid-station, so I slowed down a little more. I could see where it appeared that everyone stopped and turned back. I'm looking around, not knowing what to think and I hit the breaks. Nothing. I am on a hard crusted, almost ice, section of the trail. I'm slowing down a bit so I figure I'll ride it out past the lift station and go down there. Once there, I see everyone else has done the same thing, apparently no one has turned back. Seems things froze up last night. But on the good side, the attentive snow makers have covered up all the rocks on that section of Sunday Punch. Kudos to them!

Next run is Jungle road to T-2 then the Cascades. Fun and fast ride, a bit crunchy from the low temps. Next up was a run down Lazy River and what a show I had a front row seat for:

My front row seat: I was coming around the top of Lazy River and passed 3 kids who were slowly skating along, but in front of me, one kid, with twin tip skis, heads across the trail, hits a jump and turns backwards and takes off. Thinking this could be fun to watch, I take off after him enjoying his show. I have fairly respectable speed and I am giving it to 'er and this kid is taking away from me- backwards! Then we come to a series of hills and rollers, he is riding over them as well as I do forwards, even better, then he hits one, launches himself and turns around forward and takes off! What a job he did, and I had a front row seat all the way! He stopped on a whale on Risky Business, I gave him two arms up in the air as I went by. These young kids, with rubber knees are fearless, and really, really good!

I did a few more laps on Lazy River and checked out South Ridge. They have piles of snow blown up, and they are just letting the water drain out of them today. My guess is they'll spread those tonight.

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