Gilpin Mountain

Date(s) Skied: 1.19.2013

Resort or Ski Area: VT 242 - Jay Peak Area

Conditions: 4-5 Inches of Powder on a nice crusty base

Trip Report: Headed up to Jay on Saturday in search of some fresh snow. 30 Degrees, over cast and a hint of flurries as I hit Montgomery Center but the temp dropped to 24 by the time I got up to the Long trail lot on 242. Instead of skinning North as I usually do I thought I'd head south up Gilpin Mountain.

I had a loose plan to go up the long trail to the summit but didn't see any other tracks where I saw the LT south trail head and couldn't locate white blazes. Instead everyone was on the Catamount trail unless I'm missing something. So I just blazed my own skin track up through the hardwoods on a path I deemed skiable for the descent.

What a cool zone! Views of Jay Peak and Big Jay, protection from the winds which were keeping the Tram and Flyer on hold today and 4-5 inches of fresh snow. Some beautiful trees! The base was not as good as I hoped after the thaw but better than it could be. A nice firm crust you could bite into. I was slipping a little while skinning because the new snow was sliding on the crustiness.

As I approached the summit I traversed back over to where I thought the Long Trail was. I came across some friendly Canadians and had a few brief exchanges of where to go and cool zones. Awesome. Thanks to these guys I discovered very cool place I was drooling over. Steep, rolling open trees with knolls and things to pop off of. Just very interesting natural features. I couldn't go down far since it dropped my on the backside of a ridge from where my car was and it was 3pm and I was alone.

I'll be back to hit it all the way down next weekend with a much earlier start and a couple buddies.

I went back to make my descent down to 242 and found a few great places to link turns but still need to explore more. Can't wait to get back up there!Gilpin1_Small.jpg

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