Gore 1-26-13

Temp on arrival: 4, under blue bird skies.
Conditions: powder, pp, groomed, hard pack, some ice.
We booted up, put our neckies on, and ventured out into the chilly morning, making a beeline up the gondola & heading straight to the Straight Brook quad. Most of the upper mountain was open, except for the natural trail under the lift and Upper Darby (which nevertheless had tracks on them). The upper mountain had lots of whales here and there, which kept things interesting. The bumps were big, soft and spaced out- very sweet indeed. We also skied the Top Ridge area, which had active snowmaking, and ventured into the High Peaks area after lunch when the skies had clouded up, then down into the North Side area after the High Peaks chair closed down around 3:30. The only disappointment was that Burnt Ridge was closed. Fortunately, there was plenty to keep us busy elsewhere. All in all a fun, if chilly, day of skiing.

Gore Chatiemac waterfall 1-13.JPG
Came across this frozen waterfall in a steep, tight section of the Chatiemac Glades.

Gore looking down Rumor 1-13.JPG
It's no "rumor"- this is one seriously steep trail, as you can see from atop the headwall. Can you see the snow making clouds down in the Top Ridge area?

Gore looking up Rumors 1-13.JPG
Looking back up at Rumor headwall- a big "tumor" up on Rumor. ;-)

Gore Lies 1-13.JPG
Lies had huge whales with big mogul fields in between, separated by swaths of ice. (That's a whale in foreground.)

Gore Chatiemac 1-13.JPG
We kept returning to Chatiemac, which had the best conditions of all.

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