Gore – 1/2/13


Highs in the upper teens, windchill pushing 0* or below I'd say. Occasional wind gusts to 15-20, becoming more frequent in the afternoon.


Packed powder, powder, hardpack, ice, death cookies on a few trails.

Gore has $42 Wednesdays, pretty good value. I have the empire card, so I paid the $44 so I'd get another visit toward my free 6th visit. Left Albany around 6:00am with a buddy of mine that snowboards.We hit Warrensburg and it started snowing pretty heavy.

We got booted up in the lower section of the main lodge, I think we were the only ones there. We got the third gondola up. There was probably 2-3" of fresh fluff on top of the packed powder. The High Peaks chair and the ADK triple were not running. which is a bummer. There are a few trails that were closed because they runout to the HP chair. Our first run we took Fairview, a black mogul run. It skied great but the bumps were a little icy from being wind blown. I picked this trail so my snowboarding counter part could bomb the cross country area without having to unstrap. Our way down to the main lodge we took Upper Sleighride to Showcase. I have to say this was probably the best groomed run I've ever took. The 2" of fluff made for some excellent turns. Clocked 57.9mph on Alpine Replay. Just great conditions and very comfortable skiing.

The remainder of the day was spent in the glades and the High Peaks/main peak area. First tree run was the Twister glades, still some powder for fresh tracks. I can't recall every tree spot we hit, but they were all in good shape still. The high peaks area was great, the surface started to get blown off after noon. My friend didn't want to try Rumor, but it looked great for this time of year. Chatiemac and Hawkeye skied terrific, the bumps were still soft. The extra 2" of light snow made it a dream to ski.

The snow stopped about 12:30 or so, the wind picked up around 1:30 and the trails started to get blown off. After some scotch and a few Saranacs we left around 3:30.

Looking at Rumor from the top ridge chair

Twister glades I believe.

Heading to the High Peaks area

A view of the main peak from Pine Knot.

Took the right onto Chatiemac, can't remember which trail is off to the left.

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