Gore 3/13/14

Date(s) Skied: 3/13/14

Resort or Ski Area: Gore Mountain, Daks

Conditions: 20" of March goodness

Trip Report:

I had to scratch and claw to get Thursday and Friday off to take advantage of this late season storm, and burn up some vouchers. I was regretting my decision to milk one more season out of my Blizzaks. I've driven on some pretty crappy roads this year with no issues, Subaru + worn snows = still pretty good. This storm, with it's mix of ice and snow, had me concerned. I was dreading driving to ski country through the teeth of a Vulcan. I checked the forecast for my local hill, Greek Peak, 6-10" were forecast. I decided to stick close to home for the first day of my mini vacation, and allow travel conditions to improve. I called Greek's snow line in the morning and was disappointed to learn they got only 3". Plan B, burn my Gore voucher for an afternoon of sloppy seconds pow. I left Binghamton at 8, I was on the gondola at 12:30. Everything skied fantastically. One trail, Fairview, was stripped by the wind, leaving a narrow bands of snow on the edges of the trail skiable. Just weird to be skiing powder filled trails and coming across one that is mostly bare ice. I wish I were able to be here at opening, it must have been awesome, it was pretty damn good in the afternoon. I crammed as much skiing as I could into 3 1/2 hrs. I wondered why they don't extend the hours after daylight savings, seems silly to close at 4 when it's now light until 7.





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