Gore 420 Easter Subday

I love this place. Got to the hill with Rambo and Cornhead around 9 am. Snow was soft in morning I . Took gondolaand made it a Gangaride had to celebrate the holiday. Looking at all the high peaks is beautiful scenery. I guess we can see Mountain Marcy? Tried lies moguls were a bit big so I did chamix trail a lot stayed on high peaks chair most of the morning. Sweet trails everywhere loving the vertical tot to 2000 that can be skiing or snowboarding in one shot. Last day for them. Did several other great blacks their that I can do. Lies maybe next year. Some talk from chair lift of it being 420 holiday don’t know who was that. Probably got into 50 which was perfect corn snow. Over dressed a little again. Sun was strong some great skiing once again glad I made it here this year .great skiing with Cornhead and Rambo again. I didn’t take pictures but I have a feeling that someone else might have.