Gore Mountain 3-4-14

Where? Gore Mountain, North Creek, NY

When? 3-4-14 Mardi Gras! Birthday! (10:15a to 3p)

Conditions: Hardpack, Loose Granular, Packed Powder, Ice.

First time at gore in about 13 years. If I had realized how close it was I wouldn't have waited so long, only 2h50m door to door.

Gotta hand it to Gore for honesty in their condition reports, even though their podcast called the hardpack "beautiful." So, I knew conditions weren't going to be optimal. Still had a great time.

The black trails were certainly challenging. Uncas had the best snow of any of the black trails, Chatiemac was okay if you stuck to the sides, Hullabaloo had a large section that was a frozen waterfall. Topridge was tricky. Rumor and Lies (didn't ski them) were roped off around noon--in the morning, you could hear people skiing on them from the lift. Fairview was short but had nice snow. In retrospect I wish I had tried Open Pit.

The best runs were the blue trails. Quicksilver had the best snow and Twister was FAST.

No accessible bumps to be found and trees were all roped off-probably for good reason. I'm not all that familiar with Gore so I probably missed a lot.

Never a wait for any lift, trails uncrowded, parked close to the lodge. Overall, it was a pretty great day.

Just look at those crowds!
gore gondola view 3414.jpg

Under the Straight Brook Quad (not open, but looks like it will be nice after snow or warm temps)
Under Straight Brook Quad 3414.jpg

Straight Brook View from Uncas
view of straight brook area 3414.jpg

My day at Gore:
gore trip map 3414.jpg

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