Gore Sunday Feb 10 ( my sisters Birthday to)

So was thinking of Gore or Mt. Snow, but figured Gore would have less crowds. Drove up Saturday and tried to sleep in my car. -10 that night so was kind of warm LOL. To cold to sleep even in sleeping bag. Left Queensbury at like 7, hit up D&D for breakfast and changed in their bathroom. Got to the hill at 745 ish, got my ticket. Got on gondola at 830 when they opened. I don't name of most of the trails, but I know it was a bit wind blown and packed powder to. Went down trails to the left of the mid.lodge, very nice. Did 3 more runs off the Gondola before crowds came. Nice vertical and quick runs. Finally got over to the Dark side wow excellent steeps here. Hit up some marked glades, actually not nice in their. I love the views off the High peak chair. First time at gore in since 2009 , I love this place. Bluebird sky and temperature started in the teens but got really warm I guess upper 20s buy the time I left. I just wish they have the ski train run Sunday morning earlier then 10am so I can try it. Anyone who hasn't been to Gore really has some of steepest trails in all of the Northeast. If it were in the west the whole high peak could be back bowls, yes I'm dreaming.:)

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