GOS and Sherb

Toured up to GOS on Saturday. 3-4" of light fluffy pow on top of a half inch crust. Visibility at the slide was minimal.



Given the new snowfall and sketchy visibility we didn't venture up into the slide, stopping just at the base.


Ride down was tricky for the first half: punching through the crust made for difficult & desperate turns. I had my ski ripped off under the crust for a good tumble in some soft fluff.

Second half was beautiful skiing. By that time the conga line had started up.

Back down at Pinkham our group of four was halved. My friend and I warmed up and rested a bit before committing to a second run of the Sherb.

Skiing was great down the Sherb but by that point our legs were pretty trashed. Solid day out.

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