Great skiing, Cold day at Sunday River 2013-01-02

Had a day off so I grabbed the skis and off I went for first chair. On the way, the radio said this is the first cold day of the winter. Didn't sink in until I started working my way from Barker lodge over to Jordan Bowl. I got as far as Aurora and thought, gee, maybe some more clothing would be a good thing. It was cold and Jordan is always the coldest and windiest part of the mountain. I turned around and got more clothing on.

I got over to Jordan and was riding the lift up and the bump line below me was looking real sweet and soft. I have never skied this line before and was contemplating it, until I got to the top and there was more bare rock exposed than I wanted to subject my skis to. Thing is, it would have probably been the warmest run of the day as the trees lock out the wind pretty good. Oh well, I took a run down Excalibur, and realized I still didn't have enough clothing on, or wasn't hardened up for the real cold yet, and the wind was holding me back, so I only did one run in Jordan before heading out. They have some nice long cruisers there. As I headed back to warmer areas of the mountain, it nearly broke my heart to bypass all the great terrain they had, just because I was cold.

I gotta tell you, the River has a lot of terrain open, and next non windy day, I'll be out doing a much more thorough investigation of the terrain. I only put in about 10 runs and called it to take care of other business. I can still envision all the great coverage and snow just calling my name....

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