Greek Peak, 12/13/14

Date(s) Skied: 12/13/14

Resort or Ski Area: Greek Peak

Conditions: Packed Powder

Trip Report:
Headed up to my home hill for the first time after last week's snowstorm. Conditions were quite good. Our first run was down the recently opened Elysian Fields. The groomed snow was soft for the most part, it was icy with a few death cookies in the flat spot between Fields and Stoic, no biggie, just had to be light on your skis through the flats. Our second run was down Alcmene, the bottom half was a little firm with minimal coverage, thin and bare signs were posted on the bottom half. We bombed one run down the groomed half of Iliad next, skied great. It was now time to test the ungroomed side if Iliad. It didn't ski terribly, but the bumps were a tad firm early in the morning. The snow didn't allow for any slarving, and you felt like you could easly catch an edge and be tossed at any moment. We decided to stick to the groomers until things softened up a bit.

We decided to take a ride on chair two with the hopes of poaching Aesop's Glade. As we approached the top of the hill we noticed people dropping into Aesop's. Lo and behold, Aesop's was actually open. It skied well, but rock skis were a big plus, no base to speak of.
The coated trees made for a Wintry scene
More Aesop's
Upper Aesop's
Unofficial glade, skier's right Elysian Fields

I heard some clearing had taken place in here, but it didn't look any cleaner, still a lot of downed small trees, skied well though.

As the day wore on, and warmed, the ungroomed halves of Fields and Iliad skied much better. I didn't poach the closed Odyssey or Olympian, but they probably skied well except for the usual water bars on the lower parts. It was a good day at GP, the only downside was the flat light all day.

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