Greek Peak 12/2213, The Remnants

Date(s) Skied: 12/22/13

Resort or Ski Area: Greek Peak

Conditions: Firm, melted manmade

Trip Report:

Well, it was either wrap up my Christmas shopping, or run up to GP and see how much damage had been done. I decided to check out Greek. I stopped by Dick's Sporting Goods, and picked up a Frog Toggs rain suit for $35, as it was raining all morning, and my ski gear isn't up to that task. Turns out, I didn't need the rain gear. It was overcast the whole morning, but it didn't rain at all. Curious to see how this stuff works when I do need it. I think it's made of Tyvek. Funky shit, semi disposable looking. Could turn out being a great thing to keep in the car. So, how bad was it? Well, they lost a shitload of snow, obviously. Temps in the sixties with rain will do that to a ski hill.

Illiad, Elysian Fields, Platonic, Stoic, and Castor were the only options. Iliad was a tad firm, Castor skied a lot better. A short walk was required to reach the top of Fields.
Natural portions of Illiad, and Fields that skied so nicely only five days ago were no more.


A nice pond formed at the base, no I did not skim it, several people did, one spectacular crash was witnessed from the bar, sorry no action pics.


The new bar, Trax, is nice.


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