Greek Peak, 4/4/13 Afternoon Delight

Date(s) Skied: 4/4/13

Resort or Ski Area: Greek Peak

Conditions: Silky packed corn

Trip Report:
I got out of work at 3, got on the chair about 4:10, 55°, sunny skies. I caught a glimpse of Rambo heading for Elysian Fields as I neared the top. I called to him, and we made a run down skier's right of Fields. Nice, soft, corn bumps, minimal bare spots, skied great. After a run down Illiad, and another down Fields, we headed for chair 4. Here's where the fun began.

Hercules was closed, I have no idea why, it was awesome, great snow, great coverage, just a couple easily avoidable bare spots. We hit it four times in a row. As we rode the chair above Zeus, I decided it skiable, though considerably less coverage than Hercules. I balked at my first attempt when I encounterd some set up, heavy snow at the cross trail off of Herc. When I finally decided to ski it, it skied great. I like the feeling of playing Tetris, picking your path through the fading snow. I liked it so much, I scurried back over to chair four at last call hoping to hit Zeus for probably the last time this year, but patrol on a snowmobile pulled up as I disembarked the lift. I pointed to Herc, and asked him if he minded if I skied it. He said he did, I said, just thought I'd ask. I didn't ask why it wasn't open, but did comment on how well it, and Zeus were skiing. Trojan was good, and I hadn't skied it yet.

I drove past a pretty nasty crash on rt 11 just before Marathon, two cars involved, one on it's roof, the other in a ditch, front end totally smashed in. I hope no one was injured badly. Hit the Y, swam for a half hour, went back to work for three hours. I should be sleeping now, back to work at 6:30, yay.

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