Greek Peak Opening Day, 11/28/14

Date(s) Skied: 11/28/14

Resort or Ski Area: Greek Peak

Conditions: Powder, PP

Trip Report:
Ski day 3, Greek got about 6" from Wednesday’s storm, and an additional 2" of lake effect. They made the wise decision of stockpiling the snow they did make during the last "Polar Vortex". Iliad was the only open trail, it was groomed to perfection, well, groomed to perfection by GP standards. No evidence of GWI. The ungroomed side skied even better. Rock skis, though not a must, sure were nice to be on. A few deep gouges, no core shots. Kudos to GP for not posting closed signs for the ungroomed half, they have in the past. Patrol did plant a closed sign at the very top, I think because there were snow making lines that needed to be crossed to ski it from the top.

Thanks to the suggestion of a Harvey Road forum member, not sure if he’s here too, ml242, I dropped my new skis and bindings off at GP’s shop to be mounted, they’ll be ready for pick up tomorrow AM.

Christmas Train

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