Gunstock 1-25-2015

Date: 1-25-2015

Resort: Gunstock, Gilford - NH

Conditions: Packed Powder, Windy

Trip Report:
Today was the 7th day of the season at Gunstock (and 8th day on the snow). Seeing that funds are short this week, and we're having friends up next weekend, I figured would get out here today while the getting was good. Furthermore, seeing that I will attempt to get out to Berkshire East Wednesday (or Thursday), I wanted to maximize my time on the snow! Ended up doing 16 runs, and the hill is in great shape. But man I am looking for a change of venue. Recoil, and Trigger were great runs... Tiger and Red Hat also skied really good too. Really crowded, but managed to maximize my time and not grab lunch as I usually do. Happy to have gotten to hit birch glades, and this storm will have Hotshot Open too!
Here are some pictures -

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