Gunstock 1-28-2015

Date(s) Skied: 1/28/2014

Resort or Ski Area: Gunstock

Conditions: Powder!!! Shin to ankle deep powder!!!

Trip Report: Okay, was planning to do either the crotch or Sunapee today. However, a little birdie (their website) told me that they were going to leave a lot of stuff natural and open up Hotshot. Well worth the trip. Had a few errands to do for the family, and STILL more shoveling to do. Plus I was super sore from doing my driveway last night. But Seeing that you never get ungroomed stuff there there often, this was a chance to get it while the getting was good. So I arrived up there at 9:30 and to my luck the HSQ was delayed. Waited for the first chair up naturally, and I did see that Hotshot was initially closed off. Headed down Recoil to this:

Next up were the glades:

Made my next run down trigger, to find Hotshot opened up... But already chopped up! Grrrr... But still damn good:

So while it was easier skiing the glades and the untracked powder, hotshot did kick my ass! With Powder, then an ice crust and powder underneath I did a awesomeballs double eject! I was struggling, but it was still well worth it. But I will say though it is a tough but excellent trail! Took a few more runs, and then my legs and back were toast from yesterday and this morning. All in all a great day!

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