Gunstock 1-31-2015 and 2-1-2015

Date(s) Skied: 1/31/2015 and 2/1/2015

Resort or Ski Area: Gunstock

Conditions: Packed Powder, windblown, cold and WINDY

Trip Report: Another weekend, and another two days up at the mighty G. This weekend, we had friends up at the house in Gilford and my soon to be 4 year old's first time on skis!


The first of two days was spent hitting up all the trails. It was windy and cold and windy... With the wild howling, the morning was frigid. By noon time, it did warm up to the teens though. The snow was great, and the skiing very good. They left Hotshot, Upper Tiger, and Red Hat ungroomed. Hotshot and Tiger were the runs of the day. Some photos of course:

Right by Hotshot's trail entrance:

and yours truly:

On Sunday it was all about getting the little one on skis! We started out at 9:00am at the mountain magic ski school. The little guy was absolutely excited to be skiing. However, it was very cold for a soon to be 4 year old. However, he was having a lot of fun and skied for an hour. They have a great learning area for small fries like him. After his lesson, I hit up recoil, tiger and trigger before heading home for the Superbowl.

Not the best photo but you get the idea:

He was learning "Pizza Pie and French Fry":

A cold but happy new skier!

Hopefully we'll get out a few more times this month! Now that he had his first taste of skiing, hopefully it will be a passion for a lifetime for him!

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