Gunstock – 1/12

Frozen to Loose Granular/Sugary

Intermittent wipers (drizzle) on the drive up and hit the chairs just after opening again with my son. Had the fog shroud through the whole day with the sun just barely trying to peek through and it stayed dry. It looked way worse than it felt and skied. Comfortably cool temps and light breezes at the summit to help with visibility a bit more. I kept the goggles flipped up to see better in the fog and it wasn't bothersome in the milder temps. The concern was about terrain loss from last night's showers--can't really say that they lost a lot--a few thin spots here and there but I enjoyed the granular/sugary least something to grip and swish through rather than slide/scrape down. Upper Trigger that was skiied down by lunchtime last weekend was more enjoyable this time around. A few trails that may have closed this weekend were offset by other new openings. Flintlock, Tiger, Cannonball, and Redhat were all open and fun to ski. Recoil was open as well--my son really loved it with all the side trails--he has a blast with those. Pistol and Out Of Sight were fun as always and we even scoped out the Blundersmoke Terrain Park which was all shaped top to bottom.

With thinner crowds, I think this weekend gets the nod compared to last weekend. I'll take these conditions with more elbow room over searching for powder scraps after a feeding frenzy.

Apres @ Powder Keg--Pigs Ear draft.



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